Top 6 Liverpool Museums

Top 6 Liverpool Museums

The city boasts some of the finest museums in the UK, check out our top picks.

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Live Music Venues

Live Music Venues

Discover the city's best live music from small pubs to arenas and everything in between.

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Register with a GP

Register with a GP

It is vitally important that you register with a local GP when you start university.

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Top 6 Hidden Gem Bars

Top 6 Hidden Gem Bars

Although you may know some fantastic places to go, some may slip under your radar.

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Explore Liverpool

Experience the best that the city has to offer

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Welcome to Student Survival!

There is so much for you to discover and enjoy in Liverpool. We have some of Britain’s finest architecture, and the most celebrated galleries and museums outside London. See a show at one of our award-winning theatres, or watch a band at one of the many venues in Britain’s Capital of Pop. Learn about Liverpool’s rich 800-year history and diverse cultural heritage at one of our many museum exhibitions, or take a leisurely browse around the city’s stores in one of the North West’s best shopping centres. Not to mention the best nightlife in the UK!


welcome to student survival


Six of the Best Bars

Liverpool has some phenomenal bars and with live music, DJs ...

Six of the Best Clubs

Liverpool is well known for its nightlife and its amazing cl...

Six of the Best Loud & Lively

The loud and lively venues are great for any party lover who...

Six of the Best Gay Bars

Liverpool is a gay friendly city with many nightclubs specif...

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City Guide

Out of Town

Liverpool is a fantastic city but there are also several gre...


Liverpool has several museums which all contain a large coll...


Liverpool is a city with a huge unique historic background d...


Find out more about the vast amount of remarkable historic b...

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Your City


Liverpool provides one of the best shopping experiences in t...

Café Bars

Café Bars are a popular handout for students to work and so...

Places to Eat

With such a large selection of places to eat it's almost imp...

Places to Stay

With some of the most luxurious hotels Liverpool has plenty ...

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Whether it is to see the latest release or an old classic Li...

Music Venues

Liverpool's is famous for its music scene and it also has se...


Another thing Liverpool is well known for is its comedy and ...


Plays are a great thing to do to take your mind of work and ...

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Finding Your 2nd Year Student Homes

Moving into your student home is exciting but is important y...

Home Security

Home Security is essential but something many students forge...

Housing Rights Advice

The accommodation that you live in is not provided free of c...

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Register with a GP

It is important to register so if you need medical treatment...


Although scary to some, it is important you receive vaccinat...


When studying the last thing you want is to get yourself or ...


STIs are sexually transmitted infections and it is important...

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How to react to crime and what not only to do in an emergenc...

Violence and aggression

why being violent and aggressive is not worth it and the con...

Calling 999 – The Rules

When and when not to call the UK's emergency services...

In Case of Emergency

How would the police know who to call in an emergency?...

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