In Case of Emergency

Safety | Last updated : 14/08/2016

If you were involved in an accident, would the emergency services know who to contact if you were unable to tell them? Simply storing family or friends details in your mobile phone, or carrying them in your purse or wallet will help the emergency services contact the people that matter to you.

ICEPHONEICE stands for In Case of Emergency and it’s what the emergency services will look for if you are involved in an accident. In your mobile phone address book, simply add the letters ICE in front of the name of the person you would want to be contacted.

And remember… Make sure that the person whose name and number you are using knows that they are your ICE partner. Ensure that your ICE partner has a list of people to contact on your behalf. Make your ICE partner aware of any specific medical requirements.

For more information, tips and advice about preparing for emergencies, check out the emergency planning pages on the LCC website: