Register with a GP

Health | Last updated : 14/08/2016

It is important that you register with a local GP when you start college or university.

Your GP is your main link to health services in Liverpool and should be your first point of contact when you are ill. Once registered, if you need medical treatment you can call your GP surgery 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for advice and access to health services. You can still visit your family doctor when you go back home during vacation.

Questions to Consider When Choosing a GP

Are they close to where you live?

Do their opening times fit around your timetable?

Would you prefer to see a male or female doctor?

To find a local GP visit and type in your postcode.

Help with Healthcare Costs

Make sure you fill in your HC1 form to apply for help with health costs such as prescriptions and dental care. If you are aged 19+ you are not automatically eligible. HC1 forms are available from your GP or at:

Online Advice Visits:

Go online to: Check symptoms to see if you need medical attention. Get answers to common health questions. Enquire about non-urgent health matters. Find local health services such as dentists and opticians.

Common Health Problems

Pharmacies offer advice and treatment for common health problems, without an appointment. Ask about Care at the Chemist – a scheme that offers some free medicines without having to see a GP. To find your local pharmacy visit:

Find an NHS Dentist

Don’t wait until you need emergency treatment before seeing a dentist. A check up only costs £17 and you may be entitled to help with payment for all or part of your treatment. To find a local NHS dentist or for more information about costs visit: for dental emergencies call NHS Direct.

Minor Illnesses or Injuries

Walk-in services are available to treat cuts, strains, itches and sprains with no appointment needed.

Litherland NHS Walk-in Centre,
Litherland Town Hall,
Hatton Hill Road,
L21 9JN.
Tel: 0151 475 4667.
Mon-Sun 8am8pm.

City Centre Walkin Centre,
The Beat,
6 David Lewis Street/ Hanover Street,
L1 4AP.
Tel: 0151 247 6500
Mon-Fri 7am-10pm, Sat-Sun 9am-10pm.

Old Swan NHS Walk-in Centre,
Crystal Close,
St Oswald St,
L13 2GA.
Tel: 0151 247 6700 / 3761.
Mon-Sun 7am10pm.

South Liverpool NHS Walk-in Treatment Centre,
Church Road,
L19 2LW.
Tel: 0151 295 9010.
Mon-Fri 9am-9pm Sat-Sun 9am-5pm.

Please consider visiting any one of the Walk in Centres before attending A&E with a minor injury or illness.

Sexual Health

To access free, local sexual health advice and services such as free contraception and Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) advice or pregnancy testing, ask your GP or visit:

You’re Not Alone

Leaving home to go to college or university means big changes, such as living in a new area, making new friends, managing a budget and starting your studies. If you feel constantly unhappy or that you can’t cope, don’t keep it a secret, speak to your GP or university counselling service.

Emergencies – Critical and Life-Threatening Situations

The Royal Liverpool Hospital’s A&E department offers emergency care. This includes choking, blacking out, chest pain, heavy blood-loss. Only dial 999 if you need an ambulance in an emergency.