Six of the Best Student Nights

Nightlife | Last updated : 14/08/2016

Quids In Wednesdays

18-20 Fleet St, L1 4AN

L1 4AN

One of Liverpool’s biggest student nights is Quids In Wednesdays at Level. Formerly known as Love Wednesdays, the event takes place across three floors. Level one offers the best in progressive house from the club’s resident DJs along with laser shows. Level two provides the best in urban, hip hip and RnB from DJ Fusion with stage performers. Level three is a salute to the best 90s pop and cheesy anthems, all about nostalgia and having fun.


East Village Arts Club
90 Seel St, L1 4JJ

Medication is Liverpool’s biggest and best-known student night. Regularly attracting over 2,000 students every Friday, it has previously won Smirnoff’s prestigious ‘Battle of the Clubs’. This was a national competition that saw Medication beat off the likes of Ministry and Sankeys in Manchester to cement their position as one of the best nights in the country. Quite an achievement seeing as they were the only student club nominated!

Thirsty Thursdays

8 Hanover St, L1 4AG
Whacky, outlandish and eccentric are just a few of the words you could use to describe a venue like Popworld. With free entry before 11pm and a setlist of cheesy pop, this has to be one of the must fun nights in the city.

Bongo’s Bingo

Camp & Furnace
67 Greenland St, L1 0BY

If you’re looking for a night that you’ll remember forever then look no further! Bongo’s Bingo is a zaney experience where you take part in Bingo like you’ve never seen it before. With shots delivered on demand, a raffle where you can win a whole range of crazy prizes along with street food and classic anthems to keep you going all night, you need to try Bongo’s Bingo at least once!



Revolution Bar
2 Temple Court, Liverpool, L2 6PY
Rev’s is well-known for its stylish decor, wide variety of cocktails and playlists to guarantee a dance! While it begins as a bar, it soon starts to feel like a nightclub, and with a Revolution loyalty card, you can get exclusive offers on cocktails, pints, Prosecco… the list goes on!