Have a plan

Nightlife | Last updated : 14/08/2016


Plan where you are going and how you intend to get to and from there – if  you’re travelling with friends by taxi who is paying? Sort this out before you get in the cab and make sure everyone has change.

If travelling by bus or train remember not to annoy fellow passengers – you might be happy and excited about the night ahead – they might be going to work. If you have planned to get a taxi and need to be somewhere at a certain time it’s a good idea to pre-book. This will get you on the system earlier and give you priority over people that ring at the last minute.


What do you intend to spend? What can you afford to spend? Go to the cash point during the day and only draw out what you intend to spend. Top tip – have an emergency £10 squashed into a tight compartment of your wallet – make it difficult to get so it doesn’t just become part of your normal spend.


Get cash before your night out and leave your cards in a safe place at home. You might want to take your mobile phone with you, remember to charge it before you go out! If you use your mobile while you are out, make sure you are aware of your surroundings and keep a firm hold on the phone.


Before you go out it’s worth giving some thought to how you’re going to get home. Sounds boring but a bit of forward planning could help you avoid being stuck in town.


Use your common sense. Do you know the way? Is it a reasonable distance to walk? Don’t forget it will take longer once you’ve got a few drinks inside you. Stick to well-lit paths and close to main roads.


Someone offering to be the designated driver is great, as long as they stick to the deal. If you are in any doubt that they are sober don’t get in the car no matter how tempting that lift is. If someone offers you a lift who you don’t know, say no. You might be stuck and just want to get home but there are taxi ranks open all night. Don’t be tempted, only use licenced taxis.


It sounds obvious but make sure you check the number of the bus before you get on. You don’t want to get dropped in the middle of nowhere. It’s worth checking before you go out that the bus you get into town also operates at night. If not you might need to plan an alternate route.


The only taxi that can legally pick up at the roadside is a black cab. Minicabs are only insured to carry you if pre-booked. If you get into a cab alone or put your mate into one, take the driver’s number.